Scrolling Text Digital Led Belt Buckle

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Become a flasher with an LED
belt buckle.

It doesn't just hold up your
trousers, but also it tells people
it is holding up your trousers.

This LED Belt Buckle is like
having a piece of future on your
waist. Be one of the first people
to floss this new LED Belt
Buckle. You can put up to 256
characters on it.

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Only black leather and clear jelly. Please inform us at check out your belt size

   Write whatever you want and let it scroll across the screen! Your
name, your number, your hood!

    Different colors are available: Pink Led Belt Buckle, Blue Led Belt
Buckle, Red Led Belt Buckle, White Led Belt Buckle, Yellow Led Belt
Buckle and multi color Led Belt Buckle.
  • You can program your message up with a few button
    presses on the back of the Led buckle.
  • It can store up to 6 messages; Every message can store 255
  • Led Belt Buckle can display:number:0-9;letter: A-Z;23 Signs,
    for example: smiley face; shape of heart; etc
  • 4 different display types:
A. Display from right to left;
B. Display from up to down;
C. Display from down to up;
D. Display flicking.
  • Adjustable speed and brightness.
  • Instructions and batteries are included without belt.
Pink Led Belt Buckles, Blue Led Belt Buckles, Red Led Belt Buckles, White Led Belt Buckles, Yellow Led Belt Buckles and multi color Led Belt Buckles are available.

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