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Led Dog tags come with :

-an instruction that explains how to program your dog tag,
-chain and
-two batteries.
Red Dog Tag
$ 39.99
Blue  Dog Tag
$ 49.99
White Dog Tag
$ 54.99
It can store one message and able to store 118 characters.
You can adjust speed (1-7)
You can Adjust Luminance (1-7)
It can display: Number: 0-9; Letter: A-Z; 23 Signs,for example:
$@#!%^&*( ) <>...etc.
The power supply for product is CR2032. (Included)
It scrolls bottom to up.

LED: 1.8" x 3.15" (Including Frame)

Chain: 18.9"
We ship Dog tags Worldwide
for same shipping price
LED Belt Buckle
Name Belt buckle
Leather Belt
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