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Power Player TV / Video Game and Power Player Game Cartridge

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Lots of Your Favorite Games
Built In!!! Great for kids to adults.

Super Joy III Power Player Game comes with 100+ games built-in.

N 64 style Controller
One extra Joy pad and extra Light Gun
4 X AA battery support
One Power Adaptor supplied
Audio /Video cables included.



Product Details:

-This USA American ( NTSC ) English version arcade style Power Player super joystick game console is loaded with the most popular arcade games. The graphics are identical to the games you would play in an arcade game console. With this Power Player game, you don't need to buy cartridges or CD games any more. It gives you great entertainment.

-Power player super joystick TV game is very easy to setup. Just connect the RCA cables to the TV and power AC adapter then you are ready to play.

-Super joystick even plays on batteries so it works with almost any TV, in almost any country or even in a car!.

-Power player game system has lots of full length favorite Arcade games built in (on a super large chip built in the N-64 type controller). 

Includes 2 controllers, a light gun, AC power adapter and RCA cables. Built in expansion slot for additional game cartridges. No extra cartridges supplied.



Partial List of power player games included:
1942, Clay Shooting, Formation Z, Mario Bros, Speed Tank, Aladdin III, Clu
Clu Land, Front Line, Milk & Nuts, Spoon, Antarctic, Combat, Galaga,
Millipede, Star Force, Arabian, Contra, Golf, Monkey, Star Gate, Arkonoid,
Desert Tank, Gyrodine, Ninja I, Super Dynamix, Balloon Fight, Devil World,
Helicopter, Super Mario, Baseball, Dig Dug, Hogan's Alley, Painte, Binary &
Land, Donkey Kong 2, Ice Climber, Pin Ball,Tennis, Bird Week, Door Door,
Joust ,Podyan, Tetris II, Bomb Jack, Duck Hunt, King of Fighter, Popeye, Toy
Story, Bomber Man, Elevator, Lode Runner 2, Road Fighter, Twin Bee, Brush
Roll, Excite Bike, Lunar Ball, Sky Destroyer, Urban Champion, Burger Time,
Exerion, Magic Jewelry, Slalom, Wild Gunman, Calculator, F1 Race, Mappy,
Space, world Soccer, Circus Chablie, Five Chess, Marcross, Spartanx,
Wrestle & Zippy Race.

Power Player Super Joystick Game Cartridge

-80 Different Games
-Works on your Power Player Super Joystick
and Game Player, (make sure your Power
Player has the game card slot on bottom)
-Check out these games! Paperboy, Ms
Pacman, Mr. Pacman, Adventure Island, Tetris
(Original) Junglebook, Double Dribble, Super
Mario 3, Super mario, Donkey kong 1,2 and 3,
Super Contra, Devil World, Othello, and more...
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Power Player Ac
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